Knownly uses a separate folder for each of your websites. You'll find these folders inside your Dropbox folder at the following location:


At your DNS provider, add the following:

www 1800 IN CNAME

Additionally, you may wish to redirect the 'naked' domain (e.g. '') to (''). This will ensure all visitors arrive at your website:

@ 1800 IN A

When you remove a Dropbox website using the Knownly website, we stop hosting the website but we don't remove the associated dropbox folder. This way there's no chance we'd remove any files you might want to keep. That said, as soon as you no longer need Knownly folder you can go ahead and delete it. As you wish.

Knownly integrates with Dropbox as an "app" which means we only have access to our app directory ('/Apps/').

Dropbox allows us only to access files within that folder and we're quite happy with that. In fact we really don't want to be messing with your files at all, so aside from creating new folders and placeholder websites when you ask us to, we'll never add anything to your dropbox. We'll never change or delete any files either.