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Code in html/css/javascript, save to dropbox, instantly live

  • Host multiple websites from one Dropbox account
  • Websites at Knownly sub-domains are free forever
  • Up to 3 websites on custom domains for $4.99 / month

Getting started is quick and easy

1: Link your dropbox

During signup you will be directed to Dropbox. Log in and grant Knownly permission to create a folder where your website(s) files will live.

2: Claim your domain sub-domains are free so you can try things out straight away. You can also claim any domain you own and link that to a website folder.

3: Drop in your files

Now it's time to create your site. Work with one of our templates, get advice from our community, or craft something of your very own.

Our pricing starts with free

Features Free Lite Premium
Knownly sub-domains: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom domains: 0 3 15
Page views (monthly): 10 Thousand 1 Million 50 Million
Data transfer (monthly): 1G 10G 100G
Price: Free $4.99 per month $14.99 per month

About the site


My name is Dwight and Knownly is my little creation.

I first had the idea to host websites straight from Dropbox a while back while I was reading through the Dropbox API docs for another project. Then the light bulb went on...

It turned out to be a great way to quickly put landing pages for new ideas online. I could also do away with all the Wordpress blogs I'd been roped in to managing over the years. I shared Knownly with a few friends and found out it's also useful to creatives, designers and developers (plus people wanting to learn these skills). The best part is having full control over the designs but not having to worry about web hosting anymore.

I'm really pleased that Knownly is finally out there. I hope you find it useful and I would love to hear any feedback you may have.